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Introduction of Automatic SMT production Line

The origin of SMT definition

Electronic manufacturing is one of the most important type of information technology industry. For the production and assembly of electronic products, PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) is the most basic and important part. There are commonly the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and DIP (Dual in -line package) productions. A pursuing goal in the production of electronic industry is increasing the functional density while reducing the size, i.e., to make the product smaller and lighter. In other words, the purpose is to add more functions to the same size circuit board or to maintain the same function but reduce the surface area. The only way to achieve the goal is to minimize the electronic components, to use them to replace the conventional components. As a result, the SMT is developed. SMT technology is based on replacing those conventional electronic components by the wafer-type of electronic components and using in-tray for the packaging. At the same time, the conventional approach of drilling and insertion has been replaced by a speedy paste onto the surface of PCB. Moreover, the surface area of PCB has been minimized by developing a multiple layers of boards from a single layer of board.

Advantages from SMT products
To use SMT for the product is for not only the market demand but also its indirect effect on cost reduction. SMT reduces the cost because of the following:1.The required surface area and layers for PCB are reduced.

Automatic SMT Assembly Line Flow Chart:

PCB Loader➡SMT Stencil Printer➡SPIPick and Place Machine➡AOISMT Reflow OvenAOI➡PCB Unloader➡DIP Component Insert Line➡Wave Soldering Machine➡PCB unloader

The required surface area of PCB for carrying the components is relatively reduced because the size of those assembling components has been minimized. Moreover, the material cost for PCB is reduced, and also there is no more processing cost of drilling for the through-holes. It is because the soldering of PCB in the SMD method is direct and flat instead of relying on pins of the components in DIP to pass through the drilled holes in order to be soldered to the PCB. In addition, the PCB layout becomes more effective in the absence of through-holes, and as a consequence, the required layers of PCB are reduced. For example, an originally four layers of a DIP design can be reduced to two layers by the SMD method. It is because when using the SMD method, the two layers of boards will be sufficient for fitting in all the wiring. The cost for two layers of boards is of course less than that of the four layers of boards.
2.SMD is more suitable for a big quantity of production The packaging for SMD makes it a better choice for automatic production. Although for those conventional DIP components, there is also an automatic assembling facility, for example, the horizontal type of insertion machine, the vertical type of insertion machine, odd-form insertion machine, and IC inserting machine; nonetheless, the production at each time unit is still less than the SMD. As the production quantity increases for every working time, the unit of production cost is relatively reduced.
3.Fewer operators are required Commonly, only about three operators are required per SMT production line, but at least 10 to 20 people are required per DIP line. By reducing the number of people, not only the manpower cost is reduced but also the management becomes easier.

The establishment of an Automatic SMT production line is a systematic project. The success of establishing the Automatic SMT production line directly affects whether the Automatic SMT production line can operate normally, whether it can achieve the expected results, and whether it can recover the investment as soon as possible and create benefits for the enterprise. Flason talk about the overall system introduction of Automatic SMT production line to you here.

SMT's main line equipment includes printing machine, dispensers, pick and place machines, reflow ovens and wave soldering machines. Auxiliary equipment includes testing equipment, rework equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and material storage equipment.

Automatic production lines can be divided into fully automatic production lines and semi-automatic production lines according to the degree of automation; according to the size of the production lines, they can be divided into large, medium and small Automatic SMT production lines. The fully automatic Automatic SMT production line means that the SMT equipment of the entire production line is fully automatic equipment, and all Automatic SMT production equipments are connected into one automatic line through the automatic board machine, buffer connection line and unloading machine; semi-automatic Automatic SMT production line refers to the main Automatic SMT production equipment. SMT printing machine are semi-automatic and do not need to be connected or fully connected. Manual printing or manual loading and unloading of printed boards is required. Large Automatic SMT production lines refer to large production capacity. A large single-sided Automatic SMT production line SMT pick and place machine consists of a multi-function machine and multiple high-speed machines; a large double-sided placement production line connects two single-sided SMT placement lines with a single turning machine at the beginning.

The placement function and production capacity of the Automatic SMT production line mainly depend on the function and speed of the placement machine. The production capacity of other equipment in the Automatic SMT production line should match the placement capability of the placement machine. The placement machine is divided into a high-precision multi-function placement machine and a high-speed placement placement machine. According to the position of the feeder and the number of placement heads, it can be divided into mainframes and medium and small machines. The popular species is more flexible, using multiple small placement machines for modular combination of the line mode. In addition, according to the structure of the placement machine, alignment mode, placement function, placement accuracy and speed, the grades of the placement machine can be divided into one, two and three categories. The price difference of different grades of SMT equipment is very large. . Since the price of accessories such as feeders is very considerable, the options of SMT equipment should be properly configured. If the configuration is not complete, the functions of the equipment cannot be fully utilized. If the configuration is too much, it will cause serious waste. Equipment selection and configuration must be based on the actual situation of the company and specific products.


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