Alpha Lead Free SACX0307 Solder Wire

Solder Wire 0.38mm 0.51mm 0.64mm 0.81mm 1.02mm 1.27mm 1.57mm
Alloy composition, Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.
Melting point 217℃~220℃
Standard diameter 0.38mm~1.57mm

Alpha Lead Free SACX0307 Solder Wire


Alpha Lead Free SACX0307 Solder Wire

Brand Alpha

Type Lead-free solder wire

Alloy composition Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7

Model SACX0307

Flux content 2.0%~2.2%

Melting point 217℃~220℃

Standard diameter 0.38mm~1.57mm

Appearance silver white

Use Electronic welding Place of Origin Shenzhen

Common models of Alpha/Alpha lead-free tin wire:

Model: SAC305 melting point: (217-220) degrees SACX0307 melting point; (217-220) material: Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5; Sn99.0/Ag0.3/Cu0.7; (tin-silver-copper alloy ); Sn99.3/Cu0.7 (tin-copper alloy);

Solder wire (tin wire) wire diameter:

(¢0.38mm,¢0.51mm,¢0.64mm)---500g/roll; (¢0.81mm,¢1.02mm,¢1.27mm,¢1.57mm)---1KG/roll;

The flux content of tin wire (tin wire): 2.0%, 2.8%; Packing instructions: 500G 1KG per roll;

Product Features:

④Excellent deoxidation ability and high surface insulation and SIR resistance;

⑤Comply with Bellcore TR-TSY-00078;

typical application:

①All the no-clean welding applications that need to meet J-STD-004 ROL1;

③High-performance electronic products are required to comply with J-STD-001 Classlll;

④ Applications that require continuous high performance or terminals with extremely high performance requirements;

⑤Harsh environment, military industry, space life support system and automotive electronics;

Especially suitable for: production and maintenance of various communication products, such as: mobile phones, walkie-talkies, MP4 and automotive electronics, etc.

ALPHA Electronics' high-quality ALPHA solder wire products are specially used for manual soldering, component mounting and surface assembly technology rework soldering. Suitable for all manual and machine automatic soldering, component installation and rework. High soldering ability. Very low or no corrosive flux residue. The flux core is evenly distributed. Good solderability, high solder joint strength, rosin/resin and lead-free Choose to meet the main criteria;

ALPHA solder wire offers different high-purity alloys, diameters and flux content. There are no-clean, no rosin/resin and lead-free alloys to choose from. All alloys meet the J-STD-006A standard; ALPHA's rich variety of solder wire is designed to provide excellent wettability, and the formed solder joints have high strength and no spatter. Very few flux residues are non-corrosive, and pass the SIR test to achieve defect-free soldering.

②All no-clean welding applications that need to meet Bellcore TR-TSY-00078;

① Active rosin flux;

② No cleaning;

③The residue is transparent, non-sticky and non-corrosive:


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